David Meskhishvili

Future Web Developer. Student at DeVry University.

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About Myself

David is a senior at DeVry University studying Computer Information Systems, and he is interested in pursuing his career in web development. Based on David's interest in web development, he had previous experience in the field and was involved in several projects. Post-graduation, David would like to join a company where he can use his skills and continue to grow.

Visual Design
UX Design

My Work

Currently I am working on a small restaurant project, which you can see on my github page.

The "projects" below are just for visual effects only. Real ones will be uploaded asap.

Project Name #1
Project Name #2
Project Name #3
Project Name #4

What People Say About Me

Rick Bird CIS Professor at DeVry University

  I was very fortunate to have David Meskhishvili in my C++ Object-Oriented programming class. He was the number one student in my class! David is a very hard worker. He completed everything to a higher level than was required. He always had the answers for the questions in class. If he needed help, he would ask for assistance. Usually, though, he was helping the other students. I like David a lot and I know that he is going to do very well for any organization that he joins.  

Mark Merkow CISSP, CISM, CSSLP. Visiting Professor

  I had the pleasure of being one of David’s instructors in the College of Engineering and information Sciences at DeVry University. David consistently displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, intelligence, curiosity, and ambition. David has proven scholastic accomplishments and demonstrated the mastery of building out a Linux server from scratch and adding all the components necessary for electronic commerce.  

Axely Congress Omnymbus CTO. Visiting Professor

  During the short time I have known David, he has displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition as a person. He is definitely more of a leader than a follower, and his presence makes this very apparent. David has proven to be an invaluable asset to his peers, and myself, by always showing appreciation and respect towards anyone he comes into contact with. David is committed, disciplined, and always in a state of mind that allows him to be receptive to learning.  

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